Tuesday 30 August 2011

Eid ul-Fitr 2011/1432 - Eid Night Preparations

Despite various attempts to put her off till tomorrow, little lady followed me around all evening insisting I henna her hands.  She finally managed to nail me hours past her bedtime with "When are you going to do my henna?"

Oh, there was also one more cleanup after the kids had gone to bed, a few hours in the kitchen and a great pile-up of ironing, but that wasn't glamorous enough to warrant a picture.

Can't wait to see the kids reactions in the morning to the balloons and decorations insh'Allah or for my extended family to visit.

My local masjid has announced Eid whereas unfortunately my Dad's local masjid which is ten minutes further away have decided not to celebrate Eid tomorrow, which means I will have to wait a day to go and see my mum and sisters (although I have asked them to come to dinner tomorrow - they can't say their Eid hasn't started yet then!).  Little Lady is rather cross that her beloved grandparents won't be celebrating in the morning with her - Idecided to refrain from explaining moonsightings and theological differences to her and told her to ask her granddad (not passing the buck or anything...).



  1. Masha'Allah sis her hands look gorgeous! My stepdaughters wanted me to do theirs but didn't get around to it. I feel a little bad but I'm not very good so maybe it's a blessing in disguise! :-)

    Ma Salaama...

  2. Awesome pictures.
    Happy Eid. :D

  3. Eid Mubarak. Love the banners, ballons and henna