Tuesday 12 April 2011

Making Space for the Kids

I have always wanted a nice room for the kids, but am not very good at DIY or getting the decor just right.  On the weekend I decided to make some changes anyway.  The kids room is really cluttered (partly because my various in-laws stuff also gets stored in their room) andmainly because of too much furniture.  Gorgeous is very attached to his bed, he won't let anyone sit on or put anything on it (whihc causes fights with Little lady as she likes to dump her stuff everywhere)

I am sure Little Lady is the messiest child I have ever met, somehow most of the contents of her wardrobe ends up outside of the wardrobe on most days.

This picture isn't very fair because it's after I have stripped the bedding for my spring clean.  But theere was a lot of bedding as my mum-in-laws duvet and blanket was still there.

I got Little Lady and a visting friend of hers to cart Gorgeous' bed downstairs (keeping them busy stopped them squabbling for  abit).  Getting rid of the bed made lots of space for them to play

 Also added a little bin (which I got Gorgeous to carry home from Sainsbury's to keep him out of mischeif) and a laundry basket - see where that gets us (clothes seem to land all around the basket, but not actually in it).  Will try to think of something better for toy storage.

This is the giant map I had to nail into the wall to keep up. (Hubby informs me it is from an Iranian oil company's offices not an airline).  I could hear the boys in their room last night trying to guess countries Little Lady was pointing out.  The poster beside it is the dua poster from Smart Ark as is the one below (adore their stuff for kids)

Insh'Allah have got the kids making mosaics to decorate their walls.  The space means that they can play in their room when I am working in my room, instead of jumping all over my bed and me.  Insh'Allah hope to post about some of the activities they have been ing during their half term break including the mosaics, maths games and hopefully a container garden if I can just find some moss (any ideas?)


  1. Nice makeover...and in general I just have to say I love your creativity and positive energy:)

  2. Asalaamu Alaykum

    I have an idea for the laundry basket to work, you can try and put a basketball hoop over the basket, so they can shoot the laundry into the basket. Another idea is to get them to personalise the laundry basket.

  3. Assalam-alaikam,

    Sis Blue Pearl,
    Jazakh'Allah-khairun for your comment, you always say the nicest things

    Sis Fatheha,
    I really like the basketball hoop idea, might try that one out.