Friday 15 April 2011

Jummah Coping Strategies

One of the difficulties with working in an office is the way you have to fit to routines and schedules that aren’t a natural fit to the rhythms of the day and the needs of your body. I know, I know, this is what we are being paid for. But there are days when it gets ridiculous. I have dragged myself in with a sore shoulder, a dodgy stomach and a mild case of the grumps (slowly lifting), a colleague has called in sick after dragging herself through the day yesterday looking like she was about to drop. One colleague spent yesterday trying to keep his eyes open and downing Red Bulls to stay awake. Another colleague is coming in today after being attacked yesterday, she called yesterday to get me to move her meetings and apologise for inconveniencing people!

Half of the office seems to be sniffing, snotting, sneezing, croaking or trying to stay upright. I think part of the problem is the open plan office with the closed windows and aircon. The other half is people’s ridiculous work ethic: if you are still conscious you can work. We start ignoring the pain and exhaustion in our bodies and we are so worn out we start catching every bug around us.

The current economic climate and the fact that we get reviewed and face redundancy every other year, discourages people from taking time off too. So I plan to get through today at a gentler pace and do one thing at a time, request extensions to some of my commitments, eat healthily (not counting this morning’s comfort latte), smile at everyone, stop for lots of chats (and distract all of the other sick people) and try not to count down the hours and minutes to when I see my better half (who also has a nasty cold) and my little ones who my heart is craving for at the moment (Little Man is just learning to read and I caught him spelling “Lady and the Tramp” on YouTube almost perfectly yesterday, Gorgeous refused to sleep in his bed and fell asleep in my arms at 11.30 last night and Little Lady bear-hugged me so hard yesterday I shrieked – can you tell I missed them?).

What are your coping mechanisms for when you feel run down?
What helps you get through a difficult day at work?
What is beautiful about this Jummah day where you are?

Jummah Mubarak insh’Allah!!


  1. ZenPrincess16 April, 2011

    I am off work with kids over Easter. Tuesday was my last day at work, and I had spent Monday and Tuesday with my head down, trying to get through my to do list like a demon.

    Tuesday evening, sheer relief at being off, but also sore throat, ear ache, migraine and general flu symptoms. And this happens every time I go off on leave! It's like my body has been on an adrenaline rush, coping with work, school pick up/drop-off, homework, housework and cooking, and then all of a sudden I'm off, school is out, and my body relaxes so much that, kapow!!! I am ill.

    But I can't face going to the doctor and getting another dose of antibiotics for another chest infection, so will down lots of cinnamon tea, have lie ins and get through it, in sha Allah

    But I know what you mean, I hardly ever call in sick. And when colleagues do, there is a real attitude that they are light weights or skiving or both!

  2. VERY NICE BLOG MashaAllah. Glad I came across it.