Friday 23 July 2010

Craft Haul

I was asked to make some cards for an event in the beginning of August. As i don't get paid for the cards, I am always looking for ways to keep the costs down. Last Sundays' visit to Dunton boot fair paid off, with a big craft haul. All of the items came from one man selling off craft stock. Someone asked him if he came to Dunton every week and he advised he came three times a year, although he didn't say when.

The items came to £1o in total and are worth over £100. I joked with my sisters that all those items I have been staring at wistfully in HobbyCrafts and the Range and then can't bring myself to buy because of the cost, I can now play around with. I have a pile of about 100 cards sitting on my bedroom floor, with the backgrounds and outlines ready to embellish and complete if I can just find the time.

I also managed to pick up some beads fairly cheaply (about £2 in total). The lady selling thought the blue ones might be unpolished turquoise, though she could not be sure. The wooden ones are exactly perfect for a necklace I had in mind insh'Allah (peridot greens, all shades of brown and a touch of orange)

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