Saturday 7 November 2009

Sister Ammena's Henna

Alhamdulillah Sister Rainbow was kind enough to invite me to Sister Ammena's Henna night. I arrived to find the house full of guests and Sis Rainbow had obviously gone to some trouble to decorate.

I had soooo much fun meeting them both and also Sis Mina of Humble Muslimah who was very sweet and a little shy I think. We had fun with a food tasting game (guess who won! ;) and a quiz, but of course the best bit was the fab food which all tasted great (the chicken was my favourite). There was also party food before this and I think I managed to polish most of that off by myself. (Sis Rainbow is a fab cook and I have long wanted to try what she cooks up).

We had fun with henna, I "practised" on a few sisters and Little Lady got fed up of waiting and got one of the guests to do hers (I couldn't believe she just went up with my folder of patterns and asked the lady to do it).

Of course the bride's henna was done by an expert and looked beautiful.

There was a lovely fresh cream cake (think nuts, cream, strawberries, melt-in-the-mouth sponge) with sparklers which set the fire alarm off to everyone's amusement.

Sister Rainbow had even arranged the personalised favours for us to take home.

Mash'Allah we had a lovely time and it was all halal. I loved that half way through the evening we all stopped and Sister Rainbow reminded us that whenever we come together we should remember Allah (SWT) so that he may bless our gathering. A sister then gave us a short but useful talk on marriage in Islam. Insh'Allah I hope that Ammena has a good day today (her nikah!) and it is the start of something blessed. I pray that Allah (SWT) rewards Sister Rainbow for all of her hard work and for feeding me so well.

It's rather fun meeting fellow bloggers!


  1. Salam sis, My your up early...i got home pretty late lol, Mashallah what pretty pics you have unfortunatly my cameras battery died and i have but one pic of Ammena in her get up:P

    It was so nice to met you all espicially you sis, now i can put a face to the name hehe, oh the baby food lol i cant believe sister rainbow gave us that for the food tasting i thought it tasted weird...May Allah reward sister rainbow for all her work last night, ameen.

  2. masha'allah.. nice post sis, and thanks so much for coming. I see you got a cake picture, Rainbow will be bugging you for a copy of that no doubt :D was a great night, thanks for being a part of it

  3. Aslamu alakum
    It was all my pleasure meeting you sister.........just as lovely as i imagined you to be and even more mashaAllah. JazakAllahu khyrun to you for your kindness the favour boxes, banner and cards oh henna too mashaAllah you are so very generous may Allah reward you dear! Little Lady was so sweet mashaAllah. Much more quite than i imagned her to be!

    I am so glad we finally met, added bonus Humble Muslim as i didn't know she was coming!

    what a blessed night made possible by all our efforts!

  4. salams sis, I enjoyed myself too...thank you for the lovely cards , they are amazing mashallah.
    I love meeting bloggers too ;)

  5. Assalaamu Alaykum,

    What a lovely post! I was sitting here missing the party on Friday night, so it was great to read all about it on your blog ma sha Allah! So pleased you had a good time ma sha Allah!

  6. Assalamu alaikom,
    I've known Ammena since 2004 but we're separated by an ocean, so it's nice to hear about her party. Wish I coulda been there. :)

  7. I wish I could've been there too...I loved arranging a henna party for my niece so I know how hard Sis Rainbow and all of you worked to make it a success!

  8. Mina was the baby food really that bad? Alhamduilah i never got a taste! The henna artist asked for the left overs i took them to her the next day she loved it loool.

    I was worried about you getting home alhamduilah.

    HMM its so nice that other bloggers can read about it here subhan allah i didn't realise so many!

    We got your txt that night FF i read it out .HMM another bloger!

  9. Assalam Alaikum,

    MashAllah!!! You girls know how to throw a henna party! Cannot wait to read more exciting news.