Wednesday 25 November 2009

Eid Cards for Little Lady

I decided to do a big pre-Eid purge of the house (I am in a ridiculous cleaning frenzy at the moment) and found this stamp set tht hubby had brought from Pakistan and then not touched again.

I decided to have a go and the lettering came out quite neat (better than my last attempt anyway).

I had these notelets sitting around for some time, knowing I would fidn a use for them. I did when Little Lady asked for Eid cards for her class (I don't buy her Christmas cards, so this is a nice alternative).

This was easy and quick. I made these whilst she was at school, but these would have been a great little activity to keep the kids occupied (I think I have just given myself an idea to keep the kids happy during our Eid party!)

1 comment:

  1. Quick and easy AND they look lovely too ma sha Allah!