Tuesday 10 November 2009

Meeting New Sisters at Work.

This has been a rather curious week for meeting sisters mash’Allah. Earlier this week I was racing along to get to the disabled loos to make wudhu (ablutions) when a lady in front turned around to ask if I needed to use the prayer room, I had noticed that she was very pretty and very stylish, but had assumed she was one of the Christian lady’s who use the room until she called me “sister”. This says nothing about her and everything about me making assumptions without thinking, just because she was not wearing hijab. Later it occurred to me that maybe she had called me sister to make me aware she was Muslim and because she was looking to make friends with sisters, perhaps she was a new sister?

I forgot about this until yesterday when I met a friend in the prayer room and she introduced me to another sister. We got talking and mentioned how it was a shame we hadn’t gotten to know each other. Someone suggested lunch with a few other sisters invited along and I asked if anyone would be interested in coming to an Eid lunch one day. We have an e-mail distribution list with the names of all of the brothers and sisters who use the prayer room to keep everyone up-to-date about the room of the use and changes in arrangements. Perhaps we could extend the invitation to all of the sisters on the list? There was some interest and we agreed to discuss further at lunch, which should be next week.

Hopefully we should be able to book one of the conference rooms and everyone can bring something along and the sisters can learn all about networking the Muslimah way (usually involves food at some point).

Oh and I mentioned the sister I had met earlier in the week, turns out she is one of the senior managers in the organisation and has led prayers a few times for sisters mash'Allah. She's defo invited.


  1. Asslam-alaikum

    great write-ups. Loved the hijab-clad women in the picture above..lol...together, they all look soooo nice... It amplifies their beauty!

  2. i too love the little picture at the bottom of the hijabi's so cute..intresting hey i was out of town at a hopsital yesterday using the prayer room in walks a guy opps brother in suit the works long hair and a beard and i assumed he was a jew. While i was praying i heard him read kilimah and thought , shame on you Rainbow as i vowed a long time ago never to ASSUME as it only makes an a.. out of u and me :)