Saturday 21 November 2009

Saturday Morning Day Trip

The Good

  • Finding the perfect outfit for Eid (hot pink, silver and pearls).
  • Being bought another outfit by Long-Suffering Sister (turquoise, silver and diamante).
  • Finding 6 bunches of flowers for £5 in the market, in the colour’s of my Eid d├ęcor.
  • Finding the white tops I needed for Little Lady at market for £1 each (Zara tops at that).
  • Getting to skive most of the day .

The Bad
  • Locking myself out of the house with kids, but without keys, cash, bus pass or phone.
  • Wearing out the door bell, but still not managing to wake my brother-in-law to let us in.
  • Getting to my mum’s and finding she doesn’t have our spare key.

The Ugly

  • Falling on the street.
  • In very slow motion.
  • In front of mum’s neighbours.
  • Being picked off the floor super quick by Fashionista and LS when I wanted to stay down there.

Well, at least I wasn’t hurt (just sore) and as Kooky Little Sister pointed out, big deal, between us we’ve fallen from worst places – like the time she jumped out the upstairs window...


  1. oh dear lets hope Eid is much more rewarding inshaAllah!

  2. as salaamu alaykum. i just love reading ur blog. ur so funny.

    take care

  3. i'm still laughing!! at least you weren't badly damaged!