Sunday 19 April 2009

Sunday Morning Treat

This morning I had a nice much-needed lie-in - if that's what you can call sleeping to 8am before hubby, knowing I am incapable of saying no, asked if I wanted to go to the boot market. We ended up at Dunton and Barleylands again. The drive there was blissful, with mustard fields that were barely yellow last week, now brilliant shades of sunshine.

I didn't manage to get anything sensible this week apart from a few childrens exercise and puzzle books. (last week I found a brand new dinner- and teaset of a kind I have been looking for; plain white with gold band, to replace the battered one I was gifted eight years ago).

I did though, find a few treats for myself. Some miniature perfumes to add to my collection for £1:

Some broaches for work, for £1 each:

I'll be wearing the yellow broach to work tomorrow (thanks for the shoes Kooks).

I also picked up some beads and string which have really got my creative juices flowing:

I usually feel guilty buying these kind of things, but as they were so cheap, I think I can live with myself. The question now is where do I find the time to play with the beads...


  1. I love a savvy shopper... I need alot of practice in this area! ;(

  2. Ummi Sumayyah21 April, 2009

    Wow! I love those brooches and for £1 each!!! Bargain!!!

  3. this is so weird.
    i dont remember giving you those shoes.
    but i must have :S

    i have to go and re-evaulate my life (ie shoe collection) now.

  4. Assalam-alaikam,

    Sister Anisa,
    frugal living is so in fashion right now, and living in London, pretty much the only way you can get by.

    Sister Ummi Sumayyah,
    have you had a chance to go yet?

    I thought it was part of our unspoken, assumed agreement to just take what we like the look of?