Sunday 19 April 2009

Caught in the Act

This morning we were wondering why the pull-out shelf of the computer table (where we keep the keyboard) was bent. We all assumed that Little Man had sat on it and bent it.

A few hours later we were having lunch and heard a loud crash. We all turned around to see Little Lady standing in amongst this with her mouth open. Her gran piped up that she stands on the shelf every day to get to my scissors.

Of course our yelling and empty threats had no affect at all. I keep consoling myself with the thought that they are nowhere near as bad as I and my siblings were as children. Not even close.


  1. Humm i don't know little ladt has that sorry look in her eyes!
    I know when the kids do silly things at the cost of others just this morning my dh was saying someone has been at his designer sun glasses and they are ruined , i saw my DS wearing them for a brief moment a few days ago in the garden and repremanded him! I was saying to DH i never touched my parents stuff! (or did i?)
    It's all part of growing up sis, my PC table is looking a lot like yours and i am after a new one too but have not seen anything i like.

  2. Assalam-alaikam sis Rainbow,
    they can't seem to help themselves, saying no seems to be like an irrisistable invite to them.

    You must have been a good kid, I knew I and my siblings drove my parents crazy.