Saturday 18 April 2009

Dirty Hands and Hope

As the weather was so lovely this afternoon, I decided to get the plants I have been growing on my window sill out into the garden.

The tomatoes and cucumbers were ready to go out:

I thought it was a bit early to get the peppers and chilli's out, but decided to get everything done in one go - this year I have tried jalapeno's, cayeenne and sweet California peppers. It's a long shot any of these will grow with the climate here, but it's worth a try:

The seeds you can see in the dirt are coriander (or cilantro as some of you call it) and I spread the seeds out in between the peppers and chilli's. My gardening space is so small, that this is the only way I will get the things I like in.

The other things that are really starting to bloom are the strawberries, mint and jasmine which really does stink (I should say smell, but it is so strong!):

This year I have also tried planting spinach (easy), beans (slugs are having a field day), onions and peas. All of these I planted straight out and are starting to push through.

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