Sunday 2 June 2019

Eid-ul-Fitr 2019/1440: Eid Gift Boxes

Fashionista Sister has a subscription to Glossy Box, so gets these pretty boxes every month.  The boxes are really sturdy, a nice size and have some really nice designs.  She gives me some of the boxes now and again.  As a bonus, she gives me quite a few of the beauty products every few months too which is nice.

Having collected a few, I thought I could decorate the boxes to use as gift boxes and fill them with treats for my sisters, sister-in-law and cousins.

I cracked out my craft supplies after quite some time, these books are actually storage boxes, I get asked about them quite often by guests.

I had a go at playing around with some shapes and designs to cover the existing logo on top of the box.  I realised I had some geometric art designs I had kept from magazines that had a bit of an Islamic art feel to them that would cover up the existing design completely and look good. I added the recipients initial to customise each box a little.

The babies insisted on helping and fought throughout about who would stick the gems on:

It didn’t take long and I really like how they turned out.  The red one is for a cousin who likes all things oriental, although I might have misinterpreted that and she may just be a K-pop fan…

They are all filled with treats and sitting on my cupboard ready to be given on Eid day insh’Allah.

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