Sunday 9 June 2019

Eid-ul-Fitr 2019/1440: Day 1 - A Quiet Eid

Our family is one of those that is often split doing Eid over two days.  The last few years we haven’t had the problem, but this year we ended up doing Eid one day and my parents and some of my family did it the next day.  I am past getting upset, disappointed, judging or debating any of this.  It is what it is and I believe in making the best of whatever situation I find myself in.  This being the case, the first day of Eid was sedate and easy-going.  We had a quiet lunch with just the household (I say just, but there are nine of us, so alhamdulillah, not too dull or boring).

I did the décor and made Eid sweets the night before.  Simpler this year using decorations I had made a previous year, and minus the fairy lights and balloons we usually have.

I love this little teal bowl, a gift from Fashionista from Turkey. It lasted until the ed of Eid and then disappeared. A source informs me that one of the boys broke it, but no one is owning up so far.

I managed to oversleep and miss making everyone breakfast.  Hubby made sevaiyan (vermicelli in milk) and left it for us.

Our Eid outfits were from all over the place: the girls pink sharara dresses were from bought by my mum from Pakistan, Little Lady’s black dress was from Fusion (in Green Street) and mine was a last minute Eid gift from my husband (think 1am the night before last minute) from Golden Zari.

I love the design and how wearable he outfit is (no blingy bits that fall off, or delicate chiffon for me to ruin)

We had a quiet afternoon of neighbours popping around, then napping – my body is still in Ramadan mode.

I invited the family over for dinner, some to celebrate Eid and some to break their last fast of Ramadan. I ended up making pea pilau rice, lamb curry, chicken and bell pepper curry, baked tandoori chicken, salad and chutney.  Hubby bought the kheer (desi rice pudding) for dessert and there was no shortage of mithai (Indian sweets) and chocolate.

(pic courtesy of Curly Fries)

My uncle and aunty gifted me this basket of treats which was really thoughtful, most of the chocs inside got scoffed the next day.

What was your Eid like?  Did you cook something special or do you have a special Eid tradition?

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