Wednesday 19 June 2019

Ameen Party, Biryani and Crazy Kids

After all the food and partying after Eid ul Fitr, we still weren’t quite done.  A good friend from the masjid invited us to her daughters Ameen (Quran finishing party). I’m always happy at the chance to dress up and eat good food.  My Eid clothes got another outing:

The girls completely outdid me in these pretty outfits their grandmother (my mum in law) brought from Pakistan.  These are Pashtun (northern Pakistan) style and look so pretty on.  I had something similar when I was a teenager and used to love wearing it, I quite like the idea of getting something like this again. Darling wore hers with sparkly shoes and Baby decided all of her shoes hurt and she has to wear these boots.  I thought the overall effect of the outfit and furry boots was like a little Cossack.

The hostess was busy in the kitchen with some giant cooking pots.  I thought my big one was big, but these were really generous:

She served chicken biryani, very tender lamb curry, seekh kebabs and nan:

The kids had great fun, at one point there were about twelve of them on the trampoline prompting fears it would break. It was really nice to catch up with the sisters from the masjid and it’s always good not to have to cook 😊

We should be partied out by now, but I have a work event next week and then a sisters one dish that sounds like it will be amazing, but is during a working day, so I will have to miss out.  After that we have my cousin’s bridal shower to host, and then her wedding to prepare for insh’Allah.

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