Wednesday 26 December 2018

Picture of the Day 25.12.18: Planning for 2019

I like to use this week of the year to look back on the current year and start planning for the next.  This week I am off work and the boys and hubby are away for three days in the path of Allah (staying at a masjid somewhere in Kent). The house is peaceful, clean and conducive to deep thinking insh’Allah (without stinky socks and people booting balls into living room walls distracting me).

I like to use the framework in my Muslimah Life Planner to organise my thoughts: reflect on last year – what did I achieve and what did I learn? I also like to see if I can tick off any of my goals from last year and then update them for the coming year.

I also have a box of notebooks from the ten years I spent at my last job which I am not quite ready to let go of. I actually just need to throw them away, but I will have a quick flip through and try and capture some notes for future reference (both work and for job application purposes). 

I will be publishing the free and updated Muslimah Life Planner for 2019 tomorrow insh’Allah, so please look out for that.

Do you have a review or planning process for the end of the year? Or do you do this at some other time of the year?  Do you have an achievement for 2018 you want to shout about or big plans for 2019? Tell us about them in the comments!

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