Tuesday 25 December 2018

A Sweet Engagement and Our Last Party of 2019

This week was my young cousins engagement – an affair full of both nervousness on everyone’s part and joy.  I got to buy a new dress which I wore with red suede pumps and red lipstick:

Mash’Allah it was sweet to see her innocence and shyness and moving to see her how emotional her dad was already – he is one of my best friends and cried at my brothers wedding.  I have threatened to lock him in the kitchen if he starts crying too early at her wedding.

My dad opened the meal with Quran recitation and a reminder about what this union would mean for both the young couple and both families.  I was still talking to my sister when he started, so I got the dirtiest look from him and a comment about “I am about to start reciting Quran, so people should stop talking now”. It reminded me of when my aunt and I were trying to get the cellophane off the sweets at my brothers wedding during the imam’s speech and he stopped midway through to tell us to stop making such a racket.

It was lovely to meet her fiancé’s family and we had a lot of fun chatting and getting to know each other. There was a (very spicy) buffet meal, lots of cake and lots of taking bad pictures.

Someone pointed out that my cousin was four years old when I got married and had danced at my wedding, now it was her turn.  It’s really lovely seeing the younger ones making their own way now and setting out on new journeys into their future.

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