Saturday 15 July 2017

Product Review: T-Shirt by Muslim Child

I was recently approached by Muslim Child to do a review of their products.  Muslim Child is a Canadian brand run by a passionate entrepreneur with the motto to be: sincere in spreading the love of Islam starting from the root – our children: Yours. Mine. Ours (It's worth reading the story behind her business here)

I had a browse through their site and asked them to choose for me as I was happy to go with any of their products.  They sent me one of their new designs to review.

It came nicely packaged:

We had a good laugh at the cheeky design on the T-shirt, "adab" means behaviour, particularly good behaviour or manners:

The design suits Gorgeous down to the ground, he is quite proud of how incorrigible he is.

He also enjoyed modelling it for pictures, much to his older brother's eye-rolling

The shirt is 99% cotton and 1% polyester, easy to wash and iron.  I put it into the normal wash (Gorgeous gets his tops really dirty) and it washed clean without any bubbling and minimal need for ironing.  Best of all he has pulled it out of his wardrobe to wear it again.

You can check out the Muslim Child website here and keep up with them on Facebook here.

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  1. Awesome! Loving it and so nice to see your son loving his shirt too :).