Tuesday 18 July 2017

Product Review: Crinkled Scarves by Modest Be

I was asked by Modestrove London if I was interested in trying out their newest line of scarves for a review.  I was open to trying them out and was sent two of their Modest Be line of crinkles scarves.

The scarves I was sent are made of a crepe fabric and measure 180cm by 70cm, in shades of grey and dusty pink (they are also available in black, baby blue and tint green - I like the look of the black one). 

The grey is a soft oyster grey shade, slightly warm for a grey.  I wore this scarf with a peach outfit for a party and it co-ordinated quite well.  The pink was difficult to pick up in these pictures and made me think of a vintage tea pink shade.

The scarves have a sheen to them and a textured look.  I wear my scarves quite flat (i.e. no high bun at the back), so these were quite nice to add a little shape.

The scarves are machine washable at 40 degrees and were easy to iron.  They did wrinkle quite easily, so I had to lay them flat after ironing until I was ready to wear them.

The scarves are quite nice for a special occasion, because the shine is quite subtle, I would probably feel comfortable wearing these to work also.   I tend to wear print scarves with plain abaya's, but subtle colours like these are quite handy to help co-ordinate party outfits.  

The scarves also remind me of the kind of outfit's my younger sister wears and would look great with the softer shades she favours:

Most likely I will be keeping one for myself and gifting one to someone as they look better than ordinary everyday cotton or viscose scarves and would make a nice present.


  1. MasyaAllah very sweet looking scarves. Im sure you look nice and sweet wearing those scarves.

  2. Really nice colours, love both of them!