Tuesday 18 July 2017

Picture of the Day 17.07.17 - Mrs Fix-It

What do you do when the kitchen tap falls apart and hubby isn't hope to sort it out?
You call the plumber...except it gets to 10.30 and the plumber still hasn't turned up and there are piles of dishes and the kitchen needs a good clean - with water

Women being resourceful creatures, we have to make do.  We ended up taking it apart, screwing it back together, and taping it with layers and layers of nylon tape with a butter knife along the back to stop it dropping into the sink.  It still dropped somewhat, so we tied it to the window with yellow ribbon to hold it up:

It worked!!

It only took my two boys and three women: me, mum-in-law and my lovely neighbour’s daughter whose idea it was.  It was 11am by the time I got dishes done and the kitchen clean, but we have a working tap alhamdulillah.

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