Monday 4 July 2016

Ramadan Journal 2016: Day 29 – Prepare

I have been trying to prepare for Eid and also for the end of Ramadan.  It might sound strange to prepare for the end of Ramadan, but I have been thinking about what habits I will go back to: overeating?  Talking too much?  This Ramadan has certainly made me not want to talk to anyone much for most of the day.  I've also been thinking about what habits I want to retain, knowing that it is all too easy to let go of them - reciting more Quran, praying longer salah, having the afternoon sunnah nap (qaylulah).

In addition I have been trying to get the last of my Eid preparation done: gifts for my family, grocery shopping, food preparation, de-cluttering and cleaning the house. My favourite bit has been the brightly coloured bunting and posters for my frames that I created this year:

I'm looking forward to putting these up tomorrow and will be sharing the printable versions of these if people want to make their own.

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  1. sunnah afternoon nap?? hmm.. why did I never know this?? inshaAllah in the future when I dont have 2 little ones to run around after. Ammena x