Tuesday 5 July 2016

Free Eid Printables: Eid Poster and Bunting

In the past I have crafted my Eid decorations by hand, this year I have been enjoying creating digital decorations that I can print off and put up.

This year I went for a bright summery colour scheme.  In the past I have avoided this type of colour scheme because it doesn't feel very Eid-like. Seeing as Eid has fallen in the middle of summer this time round and because I loved these bright colours, I decided to go with them anyway.  The print is based on the watercolours I did some time ago to create the elements of this blog and posters I created.

The printables are an A4 poster which can be framed and two sets of bunting which say "Eid Mubarak" and "Happy Eid".  They are accessible as a PDF file which you can download and print.  For the bunting you will need to cut out the triangle shapes and glue/attach them to ribbon, of course if you can think of a different way to use them you are more than welcome, I would love to hear what you tried.

The poster is here and the bunting is here.

You can see how these look after I have printed them off:

I have embellished the posters with sparkly gems and framed them.

I cut out the triangles for the bunting using my paper trimmer and pasted them onto green ribbon, with a pink gem at the bottom of each for embellishment:

Apologies for sharing these so late and so close to Eid.  Insh'Allah these and a few more designs will be permanently on the blog for people to choose from in the future.  I hope you try these and enjoy using them.  They do use up a lot of colour, so I found it more cost effective to get them printed at a print shop, where I got a better finish with the paper and colour too.  I'll post some more pictures when I have put these up insh'Allah.  If you try these out, do let me know how you found them.

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  1. BEautiful and really colourful! Thank you for posting these!