Monday 4 July 2016

Ramadan Journal 2016: Day 23 – 28

The last few days of Ramadan have passed so quickly and have been quite challenging, so there was not much chance of keeping up with the Ramadan journaling prompts. I have been muddling along with times that I feel normal if tired interspersed with times when I have been unable to think straight. I have a big mug of coffee next to me as I write, but because I missed my afternoon nap today because I had guests I feel as if I am moving in and out of moments when I am awake and when I am completely stupefied. 

I don’t feel as if I made the most of Ramadan, but speaking to sisters, I think many others feel that way also.  So I am trying to be positive and be grateful that I have been able to fast.

So for the last two days of Ramadan I am trying to engage in as much dhikr as possible and do what small deeds and acts of worship I can. There is a nice video by Imam Omar Suleiman which talks about making the most of the last days of Ramadan by engaging in repentance (istighfar):

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