Friday 9 October 2015

Welcoming the Haji’s Home

We are currently visiting the Haji’s as they return from Hajj. Alhamdulillah a few of our family and friends went this year. We were concerned after the upsetting incident that lead to deaths in Mina and the crane incident in Makkah, but on both occasions the Haji’s contacted their family members quickly to let them know they were safe.

I love visiting Haji’s and hearing their Hajj stories – the challenges they faced, their reactions at first seeing the Kaaba, the people they met and the moment they find their bliss – that moment in Hajj that you find yourself suddenly feeling utterly free and weightless and without a single care in the world – washed clean of all of your sins with the world and all that  this world contains becoming utterly meaningless. I have been looking for that feeling ever since I undertook Hajj in 2005 and pray that I get the chance to go back and find it again.  Interestingly I find different people find it at different times in their hajj journey.

I also enjoy drinking the Zamzam water and eating the dates they bring back – especially the special ajwa dates. So last weekend we visited my cousin who tok his parents to Hajj, along with the Zamzam and the ajwa dates, they gifted us with a bottle of scent (hubby), a bag of ajwa dates (mum-in-law) and some chocolate covered dates (which I am keeping for myself).

My neighbours also returned yesterday, I know the lady of the house was praying for many years to be able to go and was super stressed before she left, so I am looking forward to hear about everything she experienced. I made a banner for their children to put up to welcome them home:

I will be visiting later to hear all about her journey to the sacred house insh’Allah.

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  1. Assallamu alaikum . I love this time mum and hubby went too this year (seperatly)and u r right it was scary n stressful when we heard about the accident but Alhamdulillah he is back safe.mum is almost back too.oh I love the dates,they taste different and more succulent.I specifically love the soft fresh ones(don't know what they r called).I almost ate half of Wat he brought in one seating :D .did mine 2010 n can't wait to go back again.may Allah have mercy on those who lost their lives.may He bless us wit a good ending and may we be of those who say labbayk next year..ameen