Monday 19 October 2015

Mad Hatter Eid Tea Party

For Eid-al-Fitr this year, I agreed with my family that for those who don’t have time or budget for presents or wish to get creative, people could gift us with an experience rather than a material gift.

My youngest sister Harlequin Sister rose to the challenge earlier in the year and organised the coolest, most fun high tea for Eid. Her themes were a mix of Alice in Wonderland, a book theme and traditional English fete. All of the decorations and dessert table décor were handmade by her and took lots of work, imagination and creativity. I just realised that I never ended up sharing the pictures and they were just too much fun not to:

We had tons of good food with everyone bringing dishes. We had party games that I had to watch rather than participate in because all the food made me super sleepy and then we all lazed on the giant floor cushions (that hubby provided) and watched Captain America 2.  A very enjoyable afternoon alhamdulillah.

You can see more images of the day here at Shutterbug Sisters blog and here and here at Harlequins blogs and Instagram.

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