Friday 23 October 2015

Little Lady's First Canvas

Little Lady loves drawing and has been selling some of her sketches and drawings to girls at her school.  Recently a classmate asked her to create a canvas for her to give away as a gift.

She headed out to the garden with all of her materials and her winter coat to paint the background of her canvas and was barely finshed by the time the light was failing (the days are getting shorter here, and we are really feeling the difference in the mornings and evenings).

This was the colour wash effect she went with:

After lots of practising fonts and layouts, this was the message and style she went with.

I love encouraging children to do things that call to them, and for this girl it is her poetry and art.  I look forward to seeing what else she creates and watching her creative journey - she was asked to do another one the next day alhamdulillah, but I had to convince her to negotiate her commissions so that she could do then over weekends.

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