Tuesday 6 August 2013

Ramadan Journal 2013: Day 26 – Out and About

I haven’t been out and bout the last few days as out of the house.  I had been feeling a little sad that the busyness of life had meant that I couldn't make the most of Ramadan.  I made dua that I could find some amal (deed) that would be the best amal for the last few days of Ramadan.  My dua was answered and I and the girls have spent the last few days at a friend’s house for a spiritual retreat.  We spent the time making lots of dhikr (remembering Allah SWT), spending time in daily study circles with local sisters and spending the nights in prayer.  The boys stayed home with their grandparents and we got the chance to be removed from the every day for a few days.

I have come home feeling refreshed, tranquil and inspired spiritually.  It was nice to take the girls with me, Little Lady because she was able to take part in everything quite actively and Darling because I still breastfeed her.  It was also nice staying up on the odd night and making the most of it Alhamdulillah, I rarely get the chance to do so.

I did all of my Eid preparations in a few hours after fajr (dawn) prayer on the day I left – clothes, cleaning, presents, decorations found, so I have come back relaxed and planning to keep things simple this Eid with a focus on spending time with family and planning a few easy, fun days out.

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