Sunday 4 August 2013

Ramadan Journal 2013: Day 24 – Watching

I had a think about this prompt and I realised that despite my best efforts to be in the moment and be more mindful, I am usually moving too fast and trying too much to think ahead to do much watching.  I can’t watch TV, because we don’t have one.

So what do I watch the most – probably over time, it is my tongue.  I live with my heart on my sleeve and I am a very open kind of person.  I am not scared of connecting with people or reaching out to people.  I have always been quick to voice my opinion or persuade people of my point of view.

But more and more, I don’t feel the need.  I can see the value of shutting my big mouth (my sisters all think I talk too much, they always tell me I ruin their family photos because my mouth is always open as I am in the middle of talking).  I can see the value of listening to others, of letting them take their time and get to the good stuff that they know and think.

I am also starting to find out how good it is to watch your tongue in your personal relationships.  Mum-in-law has been here for about two and a half months and we haven’t squabbled, I just smile and stay quiet.  When hubby does or says something to annoy me, I stay quiet and tell myself it’s no big deal, there is no malice, let it go.

I have come across various versions of the quote below and these words really make a lot of sense to me.  Every time I want to say something, I tell myself I might regret saying something, but never in my life have I regretted holding my tongue.

"I have often regretted my speech, never my silence" ~ Publilius Syrus (Roman Writer, 100 BC)

So as I get older, I am learning to watch my tongue and it is with relief and with benefit.  I no longer feel the need to fill every silence with senseless chatter and I find myself empowered by letting myself stay calm during awkward silent moments and letting the other person squirm.


  1. So true! Silence is always golden.

  2. We really should meet one day. I have the same problem. I LOVE to talk. I have so far only met one person who talks more than I number 3 son, who just turned 10 last Friday. :) There are times when talking a lot can be good. There are times when shutting up can be good. The trick is knowing the difference.