Friday 16 August 2013

Eid ul Fitr 2013./1334 - Eye Candy, Good Food and Gifts

Eid-ul-Fitr was very pleasant this year alhamdulillah.  We kept it fairly simple without lots of decor, parties or fuss.  I couldn't manage as much and Ramadan went by so quickly that I wanted to focus on it whilst it was here.

The other issue we had was that we had Eid on Thursday and the masjid my dad goes to announced Eid was on Friday, so we ended up celebrating a day before my parents.  I would be upset, but this has gone on for years, so I just extend my celebrations by an extra day and get on with it.

So aside from that, we still enjoyed the feast days, with time spent with family, good food and the chance to dress up and share gifts.

I loved these outfits my mum bought the girls.  I love the contrast in size, my big girl and my little darling.

This picture isn't very good, but this is the outfit my youngest brother-in-law and his wife sent me from Pakistan.  I absolutely loved it.  It is floor length and the sleeves gather up at the wrists (although Shutterbug did suggest that it might be because it was made for a knuckle-scraping Neanderthal)

I cooked for everyone on the first day, but for me real Eid food will always be about my mum's fantastic cooking (below - lamb pilau rice, tandoori chicken, lamb mince kebabs, meatballs and potatoes in sauce, boneless chicken curry, salad, raita and mint chutney).

Fashionista made these gorgeous shortbread cookies.  I love the design on each of these.

The best bit was my haul of gifts.  I was sooo happy with what I got this year - shoes, books, scarves, chocolate from Hotel Chocolat and a NOOK!  Couldn't have asked for more alhamdulillah.

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