Monday 3 June 2013

Working on Feroza

Over the last few weeks I have been working with my sisters on a project which we have all been very enthused about.  The project is an online shop selling items we have either made or sourced that celebrate our relationship as sisters and our diverse interests and passions.

Kooky Little Sister and Shutterbug Sister have been busy taking beautiful pictures of our products and I and Fashionista have been working on the website and logistics.  I love what has come about as a result and can't wait for the launch of the shop which we are planning for this Friday.

It has been such an interesting and intuitive process coming up with the name, developing a logo defining what our business will be about and how we will operate.    I and Shutterbug came up with the name Feroza at the same time.  It's our beloved grandmothers name and means Turquoise.  On hearing the name Kooks jumped out and pulled out a turquoise broach from her jewellery box and took a picture, which became a our logo.

Below is a screen shot of the virtual shop front so far.  I am still working on it and adding products.

I would love to hear from people if they like to shop online or if they have reservations and particularly about what types of products they like to buy and where from.  has there been something on my blog in the past that caught your eye, that you would like to see me make to sell?

Large  Kundan ring available in blue and red (one of our favourite pieces)

Handmade rainbow tasbeeh

Soft and lightweight giraffe print scarf.


  1. Congratulations on your new venture!! That ring sure is pretty!

  2. Anonymous04 June, 2013

    Salam sister I hope Allah(SWT) blesses your new venture. I absoloutley love your rainbow tasbeehs. They would make great eid presents.
    Good Luck

  3. Congratulations :-) Seems like its going to be a great site and one that Im definitely going to be buying from! Love the fact that all you sisters have come together for this. Love the tasbeeh too...and the pair of earings. Would love to see more scarves and jewellery...and maybe decor items made with beads etc? Oh and affordable Islamic art and calligraphy for the home would be great!

  4. Sallams
    Congratulations may allah bless your new venture with barakah,looking forward to it.