Sunday 23 June 2013

Aaila Magazine: May June 2013 Ramadan Edition

The latest edition of Aaila, the Muslim Family Magazine is out now. This edition is extra special for two reasons:  It focusses on helping us to prepare for Ramadan and it is also the second anniversary issue.

Mash’Allah as always it is packed with great articles, columns and reviews from brothers and sisters.  Here's an extract from my column:

"When my first three children were small, I had no problem with going back to work at the end of my six months leave. I had family (husband, mother, mother-in-law) to help with childcare and I found being at home boring and looking after a house and very small children felt like unpaid, unappreciated drudgery.

I was full of energy and worked flexible hours, so that I would be home by 4pm and spend the rest of the day doing housework and playing with my children. Fast forward many years and with the birth of my precious fourth child, my darling little girl, my feelings have changed."

You can read the column here.

Some of my other articles include:

There are some great contributions this month including:

Muslimah Dilemma: Managing Your Time Productively During Ramadan by Tasnim Nazeer

Mash'Allah, I haven't even started reading all of the above, but just the titles are encouraging me to get in the Ramadan mindset!  There is so much more at the magazine website.  Please do head over and take a look and leave a comment.  The editor Sister Sumaiyah Umm Imran has worked so hard for the last two years with no renumeration and just the dream of benefitting the ummah mash'Allah and this last issue was a particularly big challenge to get out.

Please do also visit the Aaila Facebook page and like the magazine an leave a comment.

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