Sunday 16 June 2013

Visit to Hainault Forest

Last week we decided to take the kids to Hainault Forest as it is not too far but I hadn't been since I was a child.  

We took a picnic and invited extended family for company.  Of course the first thing we did was eat as we got there after midday prayers and everyone was starving.  Mum  brought along most of the food below, although I made the sandwiches.

Hainault Forest has open fields, forest, a boating lake and a free to visit farm, so there was plenty to do.  After lunch we decided to play rounders.  All of the adults joined in and we had sooo much fun.  I can't believe I hit the ball, although hubby caught it straight away as he was on the other team and had me out.

The fields were full of buttercups and usually it is blackberry season around now, but the plants edging the fieldswere still empty due to the late spring.

The kids threw a strop after about an hour of us playing rounders as they didn't want to play.  I think the idea of their parents having do much fun was annoying them.

We headed to the play area for a bit until they were happier, before going to visit the farm.

I can't believe how big Gorgeous looks here.  He's only six but he's as tall as his eight year old brother mash'Allah.

Although the dirty knees are a good reminder of his age.

The zoo/farm was not very big but e really enjoyed wandering around.  You are allowed to pet some of the animals and there is quite a variety.


I thought these colourful parrots (or cockatiels?) were ever so beautiful.

I really enjoyed the afternoon we spent at Hainault Forest.  I didn't get to visit the forest or lake, so insh'Allah we will be going back soon for another outing.

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  1. MashaAllah, looks and sounds as if a good time was had by all!

    When we went to Granada earlier this year we spent an afternoon in Malaga on our way back to the airport, and parrots like the ones in your photo were just flying around wild - amazing!