Thursday 8 November 2012

Rainbow Necklace Gift Sets

I was recently having a clear-out of the children's room, when I came across a beaded belt that Little Lady doesn't use.   It consisted of square beads threaded onto and partly wrapped in thick pink string.  I as going to donate to the charity shop, when I wondered if the beads would be any good for children's jewellery.

I let the boys take the belt apart and found that the beads were actually a lot brighter than they looked when they were threaded on the pink string, there were also more colours (beads tray below with blue border).  

I threaded them onto wire (I use fishing rod wire Kooky Little Sister gave me years ago for jewellery wire - it doesn't break and that one roll has lasted me years).  I interspersed the coloured square beads from the belt with doughnut shaped clear glass crystal beads.

I used the same pattern to create matching bracelets using stretchy jewellery making thread.  I hid the knots with the charms below. 

I ended up with two sets like the one below which I gave to Little Lady and one of my little cousins for Eid and which both have been wearing.

I originally thought the square beads were  bit childish, but when I mad the necklace sets, I found I loved the colours and shape of them, so I decided to make a three stranded version for myself.

Not sure if I will wear this or doesn't feel grown up enough for me, but I'm glad I took the belt apart now.


  1. They are lovely!!! I can imagine how delighted they were to receive these sets :-)

    1. Thanks Sis,
      They loved them, Little Lady wears hers quite often.

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