Thursday 29 November 2012

Eye Candy for Me and Some Shopping

I have been trying to be very careful with money recently as I know I can be an impulse buyer.  I have been cooking at home, learning to make do with things that are less than perfect rather than rush to replace them and getting organised with my money in general.

The exception has been buying a new coat.  The one I have is now too small to button up and with the freezing cold morning school run, I needed a new one.  I picked the military style cape coat below from Zara.  I just hope its enough to keep me warm, or I'll have to resort to the duffle coat hubby left behind.

I think it goes well with the bag I bought below from River Island.  I have packed my work bag away for now and this is one is light enough to be kind to my back and shoulders and the chain is long enough to hand off the back of the baby's pram.

Apart from that I have been coveting the earrings Shutterbug Sister's friend bought for her birthday.  Sterling silver set emerald earrings.  I love both the cut and the setting and of course the colour which is my fave.

The other thing I bought is these baskets from Wilkinson's to help me organise the children's room.  

This is the storage they have had in their room for the last few years and it had become a little grotty.  It also doesn't hold their books properly.  

I realised I could not afford a proper bookshelf in their room at the moment, so these baskets made a good strong alternative with each child getting one each for their toys.  I moved all of their reading books downstairs except the Islamic children's book which I kept in their room.  The blue trug in the corner holds a few larger toys and is actually a laundry basket.

The baskets also came in handy to organise their school supplies, so that they can stop fighting over rubbers and pencils when doing their homework.  I have found this way of organising the room means it only takes me about 10 minutes  aday to keep their room clean.

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