Sunday 8 July 2012

Lazy, Rainy Sunday

It being the middle of summer here, it is absolutely chucking it down this morning with a pouring shower rain -  a months worth of train has been predicted for today.  Happily I have managed to get all of the housework and cooking out of the way by 10am, the kids are breakfasted, the bottom of the laundry basket has been sighted (a rare occurrence in this house) and the house is vaguely clean.

(A glass lamp in our garden, which seems to have turned into a rain catcher).

Which leaves me wondering what I can do with this lovely day.  Much as I love the rain, I am not tempted to venture out in it.  I am going to have a leisurely breakfast whilst I listen to the rain tapping on the window, get the kids homework out of the way  (a superhero story, some number bonds and a model of the globe theatre) and then go and play with my cards making stuff.

What would you do on a lazy rainy day like this one?


  1. Snap! It's raining here in Cape Town too...but it's the middle of winter and near freezing :(

    For once lunch was ready on time today...a spicy stir-fry to satisfy the Asian in me :)

    Did a bit of overdue blogging...and now for a nice nap I think..

  2. Raining here too. It is amazing what connects us across the globe. Rainy days and cool nights is wonderful when the weather is normally humid.

    On a rainy day, would try and curl up with a book.

    Looking forward to seeing some more of your cards.