Friday 13 July 2012

Cards for Ramadan 2012/1433

I wanted to make some cards for Ramadan and found inspiration at the wonderful Ramadan Joy website, with some easy to make cards (here).

I tried to stamp the wording directly onto the card, but couldn't get the stamp right  - either the letters wouldn't align perfectly or the edges of the stamp would get printed around the word, so despite various attempts and variations (including trying to create my own stamp using a block of wood, some glue and tiny letters), when nothing worked, I resorted to printing the wording onto white card.


  1. Anonymous13 July, 2012

    Very nice cards....specially second one is the best.
    when is ramadan 2012

  2. Asalam waliykum sis.

    OMG i make Eid Cards each year. I use the technique of Quilling. I will be posting up some Eid cards shortly after Ramadan starts. Please check it out. I have made looooads.
    I love to send them to everyone and anyone. Inshallah after Ramadan want to make more and more and start to sell them.

    Inshallah i will try do tutorials aswell

    wasalam x

    1. Salaam Sis,
      have been looking through your blogs, and the recipes look good especially insh'Allah. Look forward to seeing your Eid cards insh'Allah, I have seen some amazing examples of quilling,so can't wait to see what you do.

  3. Happy ramadan 2012 to all my friend . May this holy and auspicious month of ramadan bring lots of happiness. Get ramadan 2012 schedule (Iftar & sehri )