Thursday 23 September 2010

Where in Scotland?

this post is to ask for advice and suggestions.

We are hoping to visit friends in Scotland this weekend. They have just moved to Glasgow, so we hope to spend a day there and then take them with us to Edinburgh so that we can spend another day there.

Any suggestions on where we should visit? I'm hoping to keep it both halal and child-friendly, so if you know either of the cities or visited and found something you loved, I would love to hear your suggestions.

Am off to pack everyone’s stuff, make sure everything is ready to keep everyone occupied in the car and get the food ready for tomorrow as we are hoping to leave as soon as I get home from work tomorrow. Oh, and I have to check the weather up there over the weekend and Google for things to do...funny how a trip for everyone else means getting in the car and having fun and something completely different for mum!


  1. i wana gooo!! :-| have fun, take lots of pics, visit the loch ness monster for me and throw it some old roti! :D

  2. sooo exciting! I will send you a private e-mail as all my excitement doesn't fit in a comment :)check your e-mail!

  3. Visit Edinburgh central mosque, they've got a nice cafe too beneath the mosque and a library too.

  4. How was your trip - waiting to hear about it and see some pics if you managed to get some.