Wednesday 8 September 2010

Eid Preparations

Although we will be having a quiet Eid due to my grandfather passing away (dua's requested please), everyone else is still entitled to celebrate and this is often the only time of year I manage to get in touch with old friends. This being the case, I made same more tasbih's (prayer beads) to send out and also some bracelets to include with cards.

This was me at 12.30 last night trying to get everything parcelled up to send out this morning. Gorgeous refused to fall asleep until 11pm because I was using his Spot the Dog book and he wanted it in bed with him.

The kids are back at school this week and Gorgeous starts nursery as well which he is looking forward to. He has filled his new rucksack with books and carried it around all week. Little Lady has asked me to get her a white hijab to wear to school, which has made me very, very happy. I bought her a pink pull-on one with a peak at the top for some reason which looks hilarious, a bit like a pixie hat and she wants the same one in white.

We are fasting tomorrow, so Friday will definitely be Eid. Despite our sad news, I am looking forward to spending time with my lovely family (hope I didn't speak too soon!) and breaking bread with them.
To those who have e-mailed or very kindly texted me over the last few weeks, I will get back to you soon. Being away and leaving the kids with my mother-in-law has made me extremely lazy, I am trying very hard at the moment to get myself back into a routine as my will-power sees to have atrophied, I can't stop sleeping and everything feels like extremely hard work. A few days if pushing myself around should help me snap out of it insh'Allah.


  1. And I learned so much making them.

    I hope to make some more for family and friends insh'Allah.

  2. Taqaballahu Minna wa Minkum.

    Kullu am wa antum bi-khair.

    Eid Sa'eed UmmSalihah to you and the family.

    I look forward to hearing about your trip in Jamaat.

    As always your Gift ideas are LegenDary.