Friday 18 June 2010

Observations on Joy - Little Man

This post is to share something positive every Friday insh’Allah. Not necessarily anything life-changing, but something small and everyday that we may take for granted but for which we should be immensely grateful to Allah (SWT).

The thought came to me yesterday as I was praying my Maghrib (evening) prayer and found Little Man waiting patiently near me. Little Lady and Gorgeous often have something to tell me when I am praying and either get annoyed and walk off in a huff as in first’s case or carrying on wailing/laughing/climbing on me as I pray as is the case with the latter. I cannot be annoyed at their impatience because I know who they get it from ;)

In contrast, it has always been Little Man’s habit to sit to one side patiently and quietly for as long as I take ad then as I finish climb into my lap or ask me for what he needs. Yesterday he waited to ask me to close the velcro flaps on his policeman costume and then shyly climbed into my lap as I made dua.

This has always been something which gives me immense peace: just sitting quietly without the compulsion to do anything, the smell of his hair and the weight of him in my lap, the healing power for both of us of in holding each other.

It really makes me think alhamdulillah for the small joys of motherhood and of life.


  1. Asalaamu Alaikum

    Aww, masha Allah. This is a beautiful blessing. Hold them like crazy before they grow up and move away and hugs become special occasions and not everyday fare.

  2. "The healing power for both of us in holding each other."

    That resonates so loudly for me.
    Before the time is up there is so much love to give.