Sunday 20 June 2010

Boot Loot

It had been a while since we had been booting and since mum-in-law was here to mind the kids and brother-in-law is also here and also enjoys bargain-hunting we thought we would visit Dunton.

We headed out after fajr (dawn) prayer and it being so early managed to bag some finds. We got back for 9.00am and went back to bed for an hour or two so we would be fresh for the rest of the day (I have a barbecue to host today insh'Allah).

I managed to find a working sewing machine for Little Lady for £2 which she loved (please try and ignore the ridiculous pile of books on my bedside table in the background, I think I have read about two chapters of each one).

I found this little set for myself for £1.

These items are all small size and sample size cosmetics, including Lancome, Dior, Clinique, Virgin Vie, Avon and No7, which I picked up for under £1. I stash these throughout the year for party bags to give away at our annual Eid party.

I found some corn for the barbecue, which I couldn't find locally and which were selling at a ridiculous price at the supermarket.

I bought these candles and tealightts for about £2 in total. There were more of the terracotta pots but I dropped the bag on the kitchen floor as soon as I got in and broke about four of them. I hope to have these all round the garden tonight.

I did try and control myself with the books, so only picked up these two:

I am off now, having had a nice kip which Gorgeous woke me up from twice, to clean, cook, find something nice to wear, get hubby in the garden with the barbecue (despite the cloudy weather) and find nice places to put those candles.


  1. Anonymous20 June, 2010

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  2. Assalamualaikum
    I love reading your post and especially about the "boot" post:)

  3. wow, you bought some nice stuff! mashaAllah.. omg you really read some of all those books? lol i could never do like that. what ever book i have i have to finish it as fast as i can. i can't start another one without finishing the other first.