Thursday 3 June 2010

Bucketloads of Inspiration

I got the chance to visit Sister Emma’s Craft Fair in aid of Algerian Action at the weekend and enjoyed looking at all of the very beautiful and unique things that were available. I suddenly got shy about taking pic’s for the blog (don’t ask me why), so haven’t got anything to show you, but what I did bring back was absolutely bucketful’s of inspiration. All of the great things that people had made and brought along really got me thinking about what kinds of things I liked to make and new ways of creating them, so insh’Allah, I hope to try a few new things and blog about them.

In the meantime, a friend asked me for a wedding card and I had run out of my own stash so came up with these for her to choose from:

The last card was one my first attempts at using stamps. I have learnt that it's not usually a good idea to stamp straight onto the card as you can't fix mistakes and so have to throw the whole card away. I will definitely be trying out my stamps a bit more I htink.

1 comment:

  1. I see you found your creative mojo.
    My fave cards are the white cream ones (specifically with bands and dress).
    Although all are gorgeous.
    I have been offline for oh tooo loooong.
    Just catching up now.
    You all enjoying the summer and watching the footie happening in our part of the world.
    Take care