Friday 9 April 2010

Things That Make Me Smile 8

The kids have finally outgrown the stickle-bricks I bought them 7 years ago and have made them look after every peice of and I have been waiting for years for them to be old enough to play with lego (which is now), just so I can play too. (image source)

Dhai-bhalle - chickpeas, potatoes, tomatoes, yoghurt and small fried balls of daal. Reminds me of my days as a newly-wed wandering around Lahore with the hubby. (image source)

image source

Like splashes of sunshine on grey days, it's a pleasure seeing these when they start coming out.
(image source)

Islamic Art - The Alhambra, Granada (image source)

Jujubes (Ber as they are called in Pakistan) (image source)

I like dictionaries, but in particularly the Oxford Illustrated Dictionary which my dad gave me when I was a teenager (the battered and cellotaped volume in the middle).

I hope you have a blessed Jummah day insh'Allah full of smiles.


  1. slms sister,
    just found your blog today by seeing your blog addy in my feedjit address thingy inthe sidebar...and im so glad i found you:) Thanks for adding my blog to your blog lists... i didnt even know .
    And, i was goin to leave you a comment and decided to do so on this post and i will tell you why.
    I work in a school and one of the students told me once she had tai-balay....and since that day i kept wondering what is it. when i saw this pic here, my mouth just watered. you have such a beautiful blog, lots of inspiring projects and pictures....i will come and visit you again properly as , its way past my bed time and my eyes are half closed, and im hungry , so i better sleep:)

  2. Walaikam-assalam Sis,
    Lovely of you to visit, I'm awed (blush). I regularly visit your blog for all of the eye-candy you create.

    The dhai-balley, seriously, they are GOOD.