Sunday 25 April 2010

Painting In The Park

I'm trying hard to stop buying things for the kids all of the time and just give my time and attention instead, to revel in the ordinary things and and be grateful for the blessings that already exist alhamdulillah.

Sometimes it's the smallest things, like the kids excitement at going through the carwash.

Sometimes it's the anticipation of something. I promised to take them painting in the park on the weekend. We took a not-very-healthy, not-very-homemade, but very tasty picnic.

We savoured the beautiful colours of a lovely spring day.

I and Little Lady talked about painting techniques (with her explaining foreground and background to me and me trying to convince her to clean the brushes properly). The boys forgot about painting and were off like a shot with their dad to see the ducks and play football.

I wonder why I loved them climbing the tree so much, maybe because it's just such a quintessentially childish thing to do.

Little Miss kicking off her shoes and enjoying the swirl of her long dress.

Ice-cream on the way home and kids falling asleep in the car. Alhamdulillah.


  1. What a great day out mashaAllah! :)

  2. Salams :) I haven't visited in a while but happy to see your post. The park is great isn't it mashaallah. And you know my eldest has that dress (albeit small now). Strange coincidences - alhamdulillah! x

  3. Salam walikum,it is a nice blog but I promised to take them painting in the park on the weekend.So.........Thank's