Thursday 22 April 2010

All Sorts of Mischief

I got home from work today to find that hubby had made dinner. I thought, how nice, a little bit of time to lie down and read before I get going again alhamdulillah. Twenty minutes. For twenty whole minutes, the house was so peaceful with Little Man napping and Little Lady reading. From experience I should have known this is when something is bound to happen. Who was missing from the above equation? I came down to the kitchen to see something sailing past the window, and then again. I rushed outside to find Gorgeous hard at work emptying the content's of the children's bedroom into the garden via the window.

This is what was on the kitchen roof:

The rest was in the garden including the doll's bed, the kids books and homework and all manners of small htings liable to get lost in gutters and dirt.

The worst thing is I can't even bring to tell him off with a straight face. I have had this problem since he was tiny, so now he is fearless in his mischief-making. I reckon it runs in the blood - from his dad's side of course. Hubby's grandad was famous for it. It's partly my fault, I had better lock that window.

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  1. Hahaha, aww so cute, but goodness me, bet you had a hard time getting that sorted!