Saturday 19 December 2009

Brown Bling

I had these chunky faceted brown beads for a little while and liked the way the different shdes of brown worked together.

I mixed them with glass beads in different shapes, a few metal beads and some stone chips and tried to connect the strands together. It looked okay lying flat, but when I tried to put the bracelet together, it went lumpy and looked a bit of a mess.

I'm debating now if I should keep the bracelet or take it apart and try again as I really like the beads. What do you think?


  1. Aslamu alakum
    i think it looks lovely , leave it as it is , the beeds are very pretty mahaAllah!

  2. I was going to say that you should re-do it. The beads are gorgeous. The fact they don't lie straight would bug me to no end. I used to make jewellry once upon a time. You could get those silver findings that allow you to space out strands. I forget what they're called. When I find out I'll let you know.