Saturday 26 December 2009

Baby Boy Boom

Wonderful news from two quarters these past few days mash’Allah. My bestest has had a baby boy, much-wanted, much-waited for and certainly much-prayed for. It’s amazing, she is going through so many of exactly the same experiences and feelings I went through and we have so much to share right now. Her little one, Yahya, is jaundiced right now and she is super-exhausted, so please make dua for them both.

In Pakistan, my sister-in-law has also just had a son (I am convinced babies come in batches of boys or girls at a time). She has been telling us she has a week to go for the last two months, so boy were we relieved when the baby finally turned up. He has an older brother called Talhah, so everyone is keen on the name Zubair for the little one. Talhah, who is four, is gunning for Abu Bakr.

Between them, they have made me very broody which isn’t very sensible considering my recent childcare woes, so I am making do with slobbering and squeezing Gorgeous till he screams.

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  1. Allahu Akbar! Mashallah Im so happy for her *wink* and inshaallah the jaundice and exhaustion will pass.

    Made my day!

    Sis I havent forgotten about you, last 3 weeks has been complete mayhem. Will email. Promise!

    Salams dear sis,