Wednesday 12 November 2008

Oh There You All Are!!

I’m back, I’m back. I was this close to deleting this blog out of sheer frustration due to the problems I have been having with domain names and publishing this blog. So after a week of trying to get my old domain name back and then getting a new one and then that one insisting “error 404, page not found” I am online again.

After racking my brain and being determined not to admit defeat by a box of wires, the whole thing appeared at the click of a button (using the same procedure I have been repeating for days). I wanted to cheer. This is how I felt:

So SALAAM everyone (and if you ever feel as annoyed as I did, here is a little trick to release stress).


  1. Haha! I should print it and paste it on the wall, and save my monitor!

  2. Aslamu alakum
    i nearly gave up on you was getting worried i kept getting a Happy Muslim Mamma matching site for couples and i got very worried there for a bit alhamduilah your back! What a nightare...

  3. Assalam-alaikam,

    Sister Mona,
    that's an idea. I could stick one at work and then when I start using it they'll know to send me home.

    Sis rainbow,
    I'm glad you found me and thank you for thinking of me. I was going to post a message on your blog when I got a second.

  4. Salaams
    Nice to see you are back Alhamdulillah! I thought somebody really cheesed you off and you gave up blogging! A dating website called "happymuslimama"??? that just doesn't sound right.

  5. Assalamu alaykum sister! I am so happy you are back! I didnt know what to think! Its nice to know that my message got to you ;), So big thinks to big sis.

    I always find nuggets of widsom in your posts, even if the title might not ring a bell of familiarity (thats called learning, huh?)

    Well- that said, you were missed.

    See ya!


  6. Assalam-alaikam Umm Aishah,
    no I ususally think that when a blog dissappears too, there are some horrible people out there aren't there?
    I know - a dating website at my old domain - its kind of embarrassing.

    Assalam-alaikam Umm iBaby,
    How sweet of you, I'm pleased to be back and releived that you are all finding you way over here.

  7. Assalamu alaykum I am so glad you are back. I really did miss to read you sis.
    I am happy you decided not to delete this blog as it wouldn;t have been a shame.
    I was so baffled by the site for Muslim dates, I kept on tipying the address...Now I know something was wrong ;)

  8. as salamu 'alaykum

    Dude! All this time I thought your site was STILL down! What the heck? LOL Belated 'Eid Mubarak!! I missed you and your blog lots!


    Umm Layth