Saturday 8 November 2008

Back Soon

Assalam-alaikam everyone,
just a note to apologise to anyone who reads this blog regularly and had wondered where it had gone. Like a complete plank I managed to allow my domain registration to expire and didn't realise until a Muslim dating (!?) service turned up at my old address. I was mortified. I had been waiting for an e-mail reminder to renew but didn't see any. I tried to log in with the registrar and couldnt and contacting them was a very long process. In the end I gave up (on the advice of my IT-bod cousin) and decided to get a new domain name. So although I am still happy muslim mama (insh'Allah!) I am no longer at My new address is I am still not sure about things like old links being updated and stuff, but I guess I have found myself the hard way to learn alhamdulillah.
So I hope you can be patient with me, I have a few new things to post, but blogger says that it can take up to three days to go online properly (I can't remember the exact words) so I am going to wait until then.
Walaikam-assalam and kind regards
Umm Salihah

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