Thursday 20 November 2008

Islamic Awareness Week 2008

I made a note of Islamic Awareness Week ages ago, so that I can mention it on this blog nearer the time, and then I promptly forgot in the chaos of the last few weeks. This year it runs from Monday 17 - Sunday 23 November and the theme is “Celebrating the Best of Britain - Promoting Shared Values". Head over to their brilliant website if you have a mo and have a browse.

Best of British Islam? My favourites are:

British Muslims: Salma Yaqoob, Sadiq Khan (MP Tooting), Lord Nazir Ahmed of Rochdale, Martin Lings (dec), Ruqayya Waris Maqsood, Dr Zaki Badawi (dec), Irene Khan (Amnesty International), Asia Alfasi, Luqman Ali, Yahya Birt, Abdullah Quillam (dec), Sumayya Ghanoushi, Sarah Joseph, and scores more.

Abdullah Quillam - Mayor of Liverpool and founder of England's first mosque - buried nearburied near Abdullah Yusuf Ali, Muhammad Marmaduke Pickthall (who each translated the Qur'an), and Lord Headley.

Bloggers: Outlines, Indigo Jo Blogs, Spirit21, Mr Moo, Mas'ud Ahmed Khan, iMuslim,

Artists: Aerosol Arabic by Mohammed Ali, Tranquilart by Taslim Rashid, Ali Omer Ermes, Peter Sanders, Khaleel Muhammad, Hassan Rasool, Shaam.

One of Asia Alfasi's drawings - one of my colleagues thought this looked a bit like me.

Businesses: Aab, Arabian Nites, Hijabshop, Tahira Foods (yum yum), and Halal Candy UK (both answers to my prayers after the years in the wilderness without cola-bottles.)

Also: Emel, The Muslim News, Islam Is Peace Campaign (I love the adverts on the tube and busses), City Circle.

I think our community here has plenty to celebrate alhamdulillah. We get so much bad press (although some we just ask for), that our acheivements and successes really need to be put out there.

I suppose I could make a list of British Non-Muslim's I like but that would be beside the point. I could also happily make a list of Muslim's I don't like - but that wouldn't be very nice.

Who else would you name?

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