Tuesday 18 September 2018

Summer Break in Bournemouth 2018: Bournemouth Beach

The first thing we did when we got to Bournemouth, after putting our things in our rooms and the food in the fridge, was to head for Bournemouth Beach to meet up with the rest of our family.

I remember what a lovely beach this was from the last time we came here (a long ago 2011).  Sandy and clean, with a busy pier and lots to do.  The kids had brought their swimming gear and wasted no time in getting into the water, and then proceeding to kick water at me every chance they got despite my protestations and threats.

The sea is like soul medicine to me – the rhythmic sound is incredibly soothing and walking in the cold water as it laps around your feet just feels wonderful. At the same time, the vastness and the power of the waves wakens an anxiety in me and reminds me of the majesty and greatness of Allah (SWT) and the smallness of myself.

We spent a good couple of hours playing in the water and then drying off and wandering on the pier and taking pictures.

The beach is very picturesque and full of families and there were plenty of other Muslims there that day.  There is lots to do, but it all costs money and with a big family adds up.  The pier cost us money to get in and then money for any rides or game machines.  At the same time, the views are beautiful and there were lots of fun photo opportunities everywhere because the surroundings were so picturesque.

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