Sunday 23 September 2018

Summer Break in Bournemouth 2018: New Forest Heritage Centre and Museum

On the way back from our three days in Bournemouth and the surrounding areas, we stopped in the New Forest.  By this point we had left later than planned due to car trouble, we were tired, the kids were car-sick and everyone was hungry.

We ended up stopping at the New Forest Heritage Centre Museum, which has an accompanying visitor centre.  We found disabled toilets to make ablution and prayed in the car park.  The kids stretched their legs and got some air.  We asked the nice ladies in the centre about somewhere to eat.

I wanted to take a very quick look in the Heritage Centre Museum, but the older kids wanted to stay outside, so the Babies and I took a quick tour.

The Museum documents the life and history of the New Forest area including the people, crafts and nature.

There were lots of interactive activities for the little ones, and crafts and art for me to look at, including old maps and a tapestry documenting the history of the New Forest to the present day.

One room was dedicated to art work by local artists, including a mixed media picture of a horse I thought was very beautiful.

Running Wild by Jillain Fry:

The visitor centre and museum were a nice distraction and place to stop and get out bearings.  The accompanying shop had some nice things and I managed to leave with a pretty silver sycamore bracelet that hubby bought me.

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